Anonymizing IPs Using HAProxy

At work, I had to come up with an easy way to anonymize the last octet of a logged IP address in order to comply with German data protection laws. If you’re using HAProxy (1.5+), you can do this in one line.

Porting pcsensor to FreeBSD

Last week, it got rather hot where I live and so I got interested in measuring the temperature of the room where I keep my NAS and various other devices. I started looking for cheap USB thermometers and quickly found this one. It has some decent reviews and costs only around 16€, which seemed perfect to simply play around with.

Encoding and Decoding Polylines with Erlang

If you have ever worked with the Google Directions API you probably came across encoded polylines. I wanted to decode and encode these using Erlang but was unable to find an existing implementation. So I decided to write my own.

Securing HTTP Traffic with spiped

spiped - the secure pipe daemon - is a utility for creating symmetrically encrypted and authenticated pipes between socket addresses. I recently used it to encrypt HTTP traffic from my main webserver to a Raspberry Pi that I run at home.

Apple Has Lost the Functional High Ground

Marco Arment’s view on the rapid decline in Apple’s software quality.

I fear that Apple’s leadership doesn’t realize quite how badly and deeply their software flaws have damaged their reputation, because if they realized it, they’d make serious changes that don’t appear to be happening. Instead, the opposite appears to be happening: the pace of rapid updates on multiple product lines seems to be expanding and accelerating.

The post is being mentioned on quite a few finance sites and even on CNBC. Let’s hope Apple listens.