The binary module in Erlang provides an easy way to split binaries using split/2,3, but what if you want to join a list of binaries back together?

There is no built-in function to do this, so I’ve decided to write my own.

-spec binary_join([binary()], binary()) -> binary().
binary_join([], _Sep) ->
binary_join([Part], _Sep) ->
binary_join([Head|Tail], Sep) ->
  lists:foldl(fun (Value, Acc) -> <<Acc/binary, Sep/binary, Value/binary>> end, Head, Tail).

It works just like you would expect:

binary_join([<<"Hello">>, <<"World">>], <<", ">>) % => <<"Hello, World">>
binary_join([<<"Hello">>], <<"...">>) % => <<"Hello">>

Hope you find this useful!