Buffered Polyline

At work, we needed a simple way to buffer a polyline in order to search for stuff along the route from A to B. I’ll explain how we used Google’s Maps API and JSTS in order to achieve this easily.

Telegram and Security

Ever since Facebook bought WhatsApp more and more of the people I know switch to Telegram. One of the main reasons they choose Telegram is because it’s “secure” and Telegram itself seems really keen on being seen as a secure, privacy-focused WhatsApp alternative.

Exchange Reverse Proxy Using nginx

As it turns out, setting up nginx as a reverse proxy for Microsoft Exchange is not as easy as some posts suggest.

Joining a List of Binaries in Erlang

The binary module in Erlang provides an easy way to split binaries using split/2,3, but what if you want to join a list of binaries back together?